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About Us

Kipper offers on-demand multi-services such as bike ride, food delivery, courier delivery, and other on-demand delivery services. We are the leading platform for connecting individuals who are looking for top-quality services and pre-screened independent service professionals.

We offer our services in Brazil. Our application connect more customer, driver, provider, and stores. Using our application customers can order multi-services within the single application. So, a user can't store more applications in a single device.

Our primary goal is to fulfill our customer requirements. With the single app, customers can access more than one service including transport, food delivery, and another on-demand service. Also, a driver can work as a multi-services like a bike ride, store delivery, and courier delivery and increase their earning.

Product Features

Multi Payment option

A user has multiple payment options such as cash, credit, and cyber point for pay to service amount.

Access Multi Services

A user can access various on-demand services including transport, delivery, and on-demand provider services.

Review & Rating

After completing the order, the user can give review & rating to the driver/provider based on their service.


A user can use wallet to pay for ride/order amount.

User App

Using the Kipper app, you will access multiple services in a single app such as bike ride, food delivery, courier delivery, and other on-demand services.

You have the option to manage profile details, invite friends, and change password. You can view your complete, cancel and running order history list in the category such as delivery and services.

You can access the multiple payment options, also use promo code to get a discount on the total order amount. You can see store review & rating to select the store for the best service.

Driver App

Download the Kipper driver & delivery person app and you will get an online real ride/delivery order request. You can log in/signup through social media sites like Facebook, Google or via contact number.

Using the kipper multi-service app, you will get more orders from the various services and make more earning. You can also have the option to view past and upcoming order/ride request history.

If you like to partner with kipper and make more money, contact with this email address: [email protected]

Store App

Download the kipper store app and get an online order request from the user. You can view all-accepting, pending, processing and completed order lists with all details.

You can view a new order request and manage it to access/reject option. You can manage your profile status online/offline. A store has not to option to add a new product. But you can set your product status on/off.

You can add or modify your store information such as store name, address, contact information, minimum order amount and store radius.

Provider App

Download the Kipper provider app and get the real on-demand services like electricians, plumber, home cleaning, massage, dog walking, tutors, baby care, and more.

You can login/signup through social media sites. Once the registration complete you must be required to complete your profile information, add services information which you want to offer, and upload documents for particular services.

You can view your complete order history and earning reports. If your part of our cyber provider app contacts us for more information.

Kipper Store Panel

A store vendor adds its store details like store name, timing, radius, document, and additional product details.

Call To Action

We're here to help you and answer any questions regarding your queries. We look forward to hearing from you!

More Features

Social Login

A user/driver can log in or sign up through social media sites like Facebook, Google or via contact number.

Manage Profile

A user/driver/provider can view and manage their profile information like name, address, contact number, and passport/NIC.

Live Chat

A driver/provider can not find the user location they can able to live chat with the user to find the exact location of the user.


A user/driver/provider can view the order history with complete information with order id, order date, and the total amount of order.


We Deliver best Services to Customer, With All in One Multi-Service App

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